I’m in the midst of a hectic-barely-pausing-for-breath-forgetting-to-sleep sort of period at the moment, with umpteen workshops, mentoring sessions, gigs, writing and funding application deadlines to fulfil before the end of the month. Consequently, I have a big blogging backlog so anything I manage to write here is likely to be a bit brief and fragmented.

One thing I’ve been meaning to mention, ever since I found out about it just before Christmas, is the lovely (not to say unexpected) news that I was commended in the With Words International Haiku Competition 2010. Over the past couple of years, I’ve really grown to enjoy writing haiku, though I know I’m still very much at the learning stage (and I’m fully expecting this learning stage to last for at least another couple of decades!)

The list of all the winners can be found here, at Area 17, the blog of competition organiser and adjudicator, Alan Summers.

4 responses to “With Words International Haiku Competition

  1. Congratulations again Susan.

    As many of you will know we changed the format of the competition from first and second place winners, and shortlisted authors (posting only the two winning haiku) to first and second place plus highly commended and commended (posting only the first and second place and highly commended poems).

    But I believe, as Susan's haiku was so good, it has been accepted in a well-respected haiku magazine! 😉

    The haiku have been temporarily posted at the events blog, and will go up onto the With Words website later in the new year.

    With Words Haiku Competition, Posted haiku: weblink

    Alan, With Words


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