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skindancing (Cinnamon Press) is Susan’s third collection of poetry, themed around human-animal metamorphosis and our intimacy with, and alienation from, the wild and our animal selves.

Its sources of inspiration include shapeshifting tales from a number of different cultures, from Inuit to Celtic, Native American to Norse, as well as Susan’s ongoing engagement with shamanic journeying.

Endorsements and Reviews

As with two of Susan’s other poetry collections, skindancing features illustrations and a cover image by visual artist Pat Gregory.

Over the years, to coincide with the publication of each of the books, Susan and Pat have collaborated to produce several joint exhibitions of poetry and linocut prints/pen-and-ink drawings. Their work has been shown at a range of galleries in England and Wales, including ONCA in Brighton, Oriel Canfas in Cardiff, Theatr Brycheiniog in Brecon, Oriel Cric in Crickhowell and the Library Gallery in Haverfordwest.

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If you’d like your book signed and/or to have a dedication, please let Susan know.

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Cover of Susan's poetry collection, skindancing. A long plait of brown human hair is interwoven with the scaly, yellow and black patterned body of a snake.

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