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Susan’s fourth collection of poetry, Words the Turtle Taught Me, published by Cinnamon Press, grew out of her writing residency with the Marine Conservation Society and their campaign to raise awareness of, and inspire conservation action around, thirty threatened ocean species.

Fostering engagement with Atlantic puffins and sperm whales, pink sea fans and frilled sharks, it also includes a long essay – part nature diary, part memoir, part manifesto – in which Susan explores the process of researching and writing the poems.

Words the Turtle Taught Me was shortlisted for the Ted Hughes Award.

Endorsements and Reviews

Multi-media Poetry Show

Over a two-year period, Susan toured her Words the Turtle Taught Me multi-media poetry show to venues all around the coast of the UK. She performed in arts centres and beach cafés, at universities and Wildlife Trust visitor centres from Norfolk to Edinburgh, from Cornwall to the Isle of Man.

An amazing performer – wonderfully inspiring… sharp, vibrant, dynamic, original Write Angle

Susan Richardson’s work sparkles and startles by turn…remarkable and challenging Twelve Rivers

A call to arms, a way into the plight of creatures oft forgotten and overlooked by land-dwelling humans… giving us something bright to hold on to amidst even the deepest of losses ONCA Gallery

Beautifully presented with fascinating, funny and moving between-poem anecdotes Words & Ears

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Cover image of Susan's poetry collection, 'Words the Turtle Taught Me', featuring a pen-and-ink illustration by Pat Gregory. A turtle swims against a vivid blue background, surrounded by a swirl of white letters.

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