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At the start of her witing journey, Susan worked as playwright, performer and workshop facilitator for Something Permanent, a theatre company with bases in the UK and Toronto, Canada.

The first of her plays, Two Of Me Now, was a poetic drama about biological and literary motherhood, as reflected in the lives and work of Virginia Woolf and Sylvia Plath. Intimately connected through their language and the play’s central image of the sea, the two writers engage in a dialogue on creativity in life and art.

Two Of Me Now was performed throughout the UK, at the Summerworks Theatre Festival in Toronto, and at Helsinki, Turku and Tampere Universities in Finland with the support of the British Council. It was also published by Cecil Woolf (Virginia’s nephew) in his literary/academic imprint, the Bloomsbury Heritage Series.

Susan won the Classic FM Woman of Tomorrow Arts Award and was a finalist in the Cosmopolitan Achievement Award in recognition of her playwriting and theatre work.

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