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Dark blue book cover - 'Where the Seals Sing' in gold lettering and 'Susan Richardson' in white. Two seals swim on either side of the title.


Where the Seals Sing

Out in paperback, July 2023

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Head and shoulders shot of Susan, looking to the left, wearing a blue waterproof coat and with her hair blowing in the breeze. Foamy white waves are crashing onto the beach in the background.

About Susan

Susan Richardson is a writer, performer and educator whose work celebrates and defends animals and wild places, re-engaging our imaginations with them and inspiring deep connections with the more-than-human world.

Her debut work of creative non-fiction, Where the Seals Sing, is published by William Collins. She has also written four collections of poetry, the latest of which, Words the Turtle Taught Me, was shortlisted for the Ted Hughes Award.

Susan is represented by Charlotte Atyeo of Greyhound Literary.

Blending Natural History and Travel, Memoir and Myth…

With their expressive eyes and whiskers more sensitive than our fingertips, grey seals have visited our shores and enriched our culture for centuries. Yet we still know relatively little about these extraordinary animals.

In Where the Seals Sing, her first work of creative non-fiction, Susan journeys to the crags and crevices of Britain’s coast and islands, learning not only how grey seals live but also, in the light of the many threats they face, how we should live more sympathetically with them.

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Latest news


Paperback publication of 'Where the Seals Sing'

'Where the Seals Sing' will be released in paperback in the UK on July 20th 2023.

'Where the Seals Sing' in magazines

Susan was recently invited to contribute an article about grey seals to BBC Wildlife magazine. An edited extract from 'Where the Seals Sing' was published in The Scotsman Magazine and it was also featured in Coast magazine as a recent Book of the Month.

'Where the Seals Sing' Goes Global!

Following its UK hardback publication, 'Where the Seals Sing' has been released in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

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