Susan is delighted to be poetry editor of Zoomorphic, the online literary journal that features work in celebration and defence of animals. Seven digital issues have already been published, as has a first print anthology, Driftfish, themed around marine species. Including poetry and prose by a wide range of international writers, the anthology was launched in Brighton at the ONCA Centre for Arts and Ecology, alongside Zoomorphic visual art and audio poetry, as part of the Do You Speak Seagull? Festival.

In addition to editing the online journal and annual anthology, Susan and her co-editor, James Roberts, also run wildlife-themed writing workshops and will be continuing to curate other Zoomorphic events and exhibitions throughout 2017.

World Animal Day

Susan is honoured to be World Animal Day poet-in-residence, helping to raise awareness of, and generate support for, this special global initiative. Each year, she’s invited to write two animal welfare-themed poems, the first of which, focusing on endangered species and extinction, was unveiled and circulated on World Animal Day, October 4th 2015. Other subjects with which she has engaged include animal experimentation and the critical issue of ocean debris and the injuries/deaths sustained by marine creatures when they become entangled in discarded fishing gear or ingest plastic rubbish that they mistake for prey.

Poetry in Ocean

Susan is also enjoying an ongoing poetry residency with the Marine Conservation Society. In addition to being commissioned to write a series of poems inspired by the 30 Threatened Species project and performing at a number of events and festivals, including the Hay Festival Winter Weekend, she is running workshops that encourage people to engage with vulnerable marine wildlife through poetry in an imaginative and dynamic way. Susan’s fourth collection of poetry, comprising work produced throughout the residency, will be published in 2018.

You can read more information about the residency here.

Susan’s latest poetry collection, skindancing

launch1skindancing, Susan’s third collection of poetry, themed around human-animal metamorphosis and both our intimacy with and alienation from our animal selves, was launched in Cardiff at Waterloo Tea, accompanied by an exhibition of Pat Gregory’s images from the book.

Susan has since been on a skindancing tour, performing work from the collection, at a wide range of venues in England, Scotland and Wales, from Dumfries to Hampshire, Glasgow to Northampton, Lancaster to Aberystwyth.



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