Susan’s first collection of poetry, Creatures of the Intertidal Zone (Cinnamon Press, 2007), was inspired by her journey through Iceland, Greenland and Newfoundland in the footsteps of an intrepid eleventh century female Viking. One of the collection’s central themes is the impact of climate change and other environmental issues on the landscape of the Arctic and sub-Arctic.

Here’s Susan performing ‘Metamorphosis’, one of the poems from Creatures of the Intertidal Zone (with thanks to David Powell for the filming):

Reviews and endorsements:

Here is poetry…driven from within into the shape best suited to its purpose. Internal rhyme and assonance…sing out when the poems are read aloud. This is free verse at its finest…Poems in this collection fly without difficulty…I can still feel their impact on my heartpoet Ann Drysdale

Susan Richardson beautifully marries the landscape of the polar regions with their – and her own – emotional topography. I particularly admire her spirited recreation of Gudrid, that enchanting eleventh century Viking heroinetravel writer Sara Wheeler

Susan Richardson’s Creatures of the Intertidal Zone offers a marvellously different blend of passion, pathos, poetry – and penguins. Settings contrast dramatically, shifting from Scandinavia via the Antarctic to the shopping aisles in Tesco. In ‘Never Forgets’, elephants take a glorious revenge on humanity: ‘Your door caves in:/they storm straight to your piano/and tear out its teeth/without anaesthetic./ One by one.'”Mslexia

Richardson is very good at making the ‘strange familiar’ and excellent at expressing physicality… Through spirited play, Richardson makes us aware of the vulnerability of ecosystems under global warming, pollution and exposure to human need and adventureEnvoi

Creatures of the Intertidal Zone is… rooted in the natural world, more specifically rooted in ice and ocean and the journeys made across them by humans and animals…The most powerful poems are those that deal with ice and global warming…We need to listen to these poems, heed the warnings and learn to give nature the space it needsNew Hope International Review

Creatures of the Intertidal Zone…examines the physical and emotional processes of travelling and arrival… Richardson also writes impressively about resilient women…and there’s a satirical look at consumer culture and its environmental consequences in “Tesco Extra”Planet